Instruction Video

Useful Tips on levitating the moon light:

Balance can be achieved once the moon lamp is gently placed at a singular location in mid-air. Finding the exact levitation point requires practice and patience.  The first time you are successful in slipping the surly bonds of Earth and successfully levitating your globe you will feel a sense of exhilaration over your accomplishment.  Each time after your initial success, you will find that the feat becomes easier until eventually you will become a master of levitation.  Please be assured that every levitation device has been tested to work properly.

  • hold the lower part of the moon light with your thumbs and middle fingers
  • you have to put it vertically from the top to the center of the docking. In the beginning you have to do it fast, if you failed, you have to leave it up and do it all over again. Don’t search for the contact point slowly because this is a wrong way to levitate the moon light.
  • when you are trying to levitate the moon light, use your pinkies as a signal to know the distance of the moon light and the dock. Also, when your pinkies touch the dock, this will be the best distance to find the point and leave the moon light, if it failed, you have to leave it up again and try again.

please don’t try to search for the connect point more than 1 second because it will be getting harder and harder if you don’t leave it up. Just leave the moon light up and give it another try.


A more advance tutorial of levitating the moon light: